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Week 1 – The guys got the season off to a good start with 25 fish between them , they fished from swims (1) & (4) on Lake 1 & (3) & (4) on Lake 2. 51lb 13oz & 48lb 6oz Mirrors were the biggest fish of the week. Plenty of crashing out during the evenings and most fish caught during the day. The guys had a great time and gave some us some good feedback, cheers boys all the best.

Week 2 – Jay & Ricky fished at Clay Lakes in 2018 and rebooked for 2019, this time they both fished from swim 3 on Lake 2 and had a great week, unfortunately Ray couldn’t join the group this time round but hopefully we’ll see him next year. The lads made the most of it and it produced some quality fish for them over the week. Jay on the left side of swim 3 was fishing the far bank a couple of rod lengths away and this was working well , boating the bait over then following it up by walking around to the far bank and hand feeding the swim with Boillie & Pellet, Ricky fished the right side of swim 3 close to the sleuth on the riverbed and the far corner using the baitboat. 17 fish between them for the week , Ricky with a lovely 42lb Mirror and Jay had the majority of fish up to 40lb.

Week 3 – Ed & Lara Skillz and Cyreil from Carp Crossing in the Netherlands fished both lakes and had a great time, Ed & Lara with 54lb & 55lb Mirrors as well some other stunning fish for the week. Cyreil on Lake 1 also had some beautiful chunks including some nice commons and Mirrors to 45lb. The guys made some promotional videos for Clay Lakes during their stay and we will be releasing this footage very soon, keep your eye on these pages for further updates.

Week 4 – Tim & Gary joined us at Clay Lakes and they fished Lake 2 from swim 3 in the beginning. Within an hour of wetting their lines Tim landed a beautiful 32lb Mirror from middle of the lake close to the old riverbed that runs through both lakes a great start. The guys noticed a lot of fish showing in front of swim 4 so Tim decided to move over there, this was a good decision. Over the week Tim landed 9 fish, 2 x 20s, 3 x 30’s, 3 x 40’s and topped it off with a PB of 54lb 12oz. Great feedback from the guys and we’ll be seeing them again next year, cheers boys.

Week 5 Lake (2) – Big thanks to Matt, Ian, Dan , Jock & Lee all associated with the Berkshire Fire Department.  The guys had a really tough week, the weather conditions were torrential, heavy downpours regular throughout all of the week. The huge amounts of water passing through both sleuths on each lake were as much as we’ve ever seen in our time at Clay Lakes. The lads battled on regardless, 12 fish for the week, from Lake (2) the biggest a 46lb Mirror and most fish of the week for Ian on swim 3 and Jock managed to land a few stunners on swim 4 biggest 39lb 8oz common.

Week 5 Lake (1) –  Damian, Chris & Richard, came for a few nights on Lake 1 and Chris managed a 33lb 5oz stunning Mirror and a beautiful 47lb 3oz common both from swim 1 fishing long to the far dam wall. The guys were invited by us as they were helping us complete some flooring inside the Lakeside Cabin main room and bathroom so the lads made the most of it and managed to wet some lines too with good results considering the weather conditions.

Week 6 – Lakes (1) & (2) – Big thanks to Roger, Garry, Steve, Steve, Martin, Terry & Clinton. Martin, Terry & Clinton fished Lake 1 and Roger, Garry , Steve & Steve fished Lake 2. The guys banked 42 fish between them over the week. Garry banked our new lake record and PB of 61lb a stunning common previously named ‘Patch’ using pva bags and spodding each area just before dark. Steve landed a 52lb Mirror from swim 4 and also a beautiful 46lb scaley from swim 5 later in the week as the fish had started to move around. Clinton on Lake 1 banked over 500lb of fish from swim 4 on Lake 1 and only fished during the day times. All the lads caught, from all swims and had a great week, plenty of 40’s & 30’s kept the guys busy. Some great feedback from the boys and we hope to see them again real soon, cheers boys all the best.

Week 7(Lake 2) Big thanks to Dean & Lee, a good week for the lads biggest was a stunning 42lb 12oz Common followed by a 42lb 10oz Mirror & a 41lb Ghosty, 14 fish for the week. They both fished from swim 3 on Lake 2. A slow start to begin with as some signs of spawning however the fishing picked up later in the week, the guys were competing against the naturals in the water, tadpoles, new hatch lings plus the recent heavy rainfalls washing in plenty of new offerings. The guys gave us some quality feedback and have rebooked with us for 2020. Nice one lads look forward to seeing you again next year.

Week 8 – (Lake 2) Well done to Michael and all the guys, 34 fish in total between them, biggest of the week a beautiful Mirror at 51lb plus 4 x 40s, 23 x 30’s & 6 x 20s. Hot temperatures throughout the guys made the most of it fishing from swims, 1, 3 & 4.  Some great feedback and the lads have booked with us again for 2020. Top angling fellas, a great weeks fishing and look forward to seeing you all again next year at Clay Lakes.

Week 9 – Mark & Kev had a decent week, hot temperatures in the day times but cool in the evenings 14 fish between them a 44lb Mirror & a 40lb 8oz Mirror biggest weights of the week. Some good feedback from the guys and cracking pictures, cheers boys all the best.

Week 10 – Well done to Josh & the guys 25 fish between them including 8 x 40s & a 50lb Common for the week. Still hot temperatures in the day at the moment and in the evenings its cooling off. Beginning of the week started off slowly and picked up after a few days of constant feed on chosen spots but plenty of fish showing in both day and night times.

Week 11 – Steve and the guys had a tough week at Clay Lakes, really hot temperatures and spawning on Lake 2 in some areas, however the guys fished the far sides and managed to land 20 fish between them over the week with the biggest a beautiful 47lb Mirror coming on the last evening. Some great feedback from the guys and complementing how beautiful the location is cheers lads all the best.

Week 12 – George, David and the guys came back to Clay Lakes after fishing the venue back in 2018 & 2017. They fished both lakes and had a decent weeks fishing , Lake 1 produced more than Lake 2. 22 fish in total between the lakes, 2 x 40’s being the biggest of the week for the guys. Really hot temperatures and warm in the evenings. Still some signs of spawning on Lake 2.

Week 13 – A tough week for Craig, Father and his wife at Clay Lakes. Really hot temperatures now averaging 36+ degrees each day and 18+ degrees in the evenings, still some signs of spawning on both lakes. The guys only banked a few smalls between them for the week.

Weeek 14 – Well done to Jared, Dan , Charlie & Daryl fishing both lakes, 24 fish in total for the week including 46lb 12oz, 38lb, 37lb, 7 other 30s and the rest 20s and some bonus Silver Grass Carp just as the guys were packing away. Good feedback from the lads and we’ll be seeing them again sometime soon, cheers lads all the best.

Week 15 – Top banter all week with Mark, Rich & Paul on Lake 2, 32 fish in total between them. Paul had 18 fish from swim 4 including 2 x 40s, 9 x 30s & 7 x 20s. Rich fishing on the right side of swim 3 had the biggest Common at 41lb & Mirror at 46lb 8oz of the week. The guys gave us some really good feedback and have booked on for 2021, nice one boys , had a great laugh looking forward to seeing you all again.

Week 16 – A few friends of mine Ian & Graham came with their lads and enjoyed some good fishing on Lake 1, 30s & 20s for the week from swims 2 & 3 fishing just off the riverbed was producing a fish a night plus the left corner from swim 2. The guys were enjoying some sightseeing of the local history and in the nearby town of Verdun during their stay which they highly recommend if you get the chance. Average temperatures 32 degrees and 21 in the evenings. The lads gave us some good feedback and we’ll be having a social at Clay in 2020, cheers boys.

Week 17 – Lee & Chris, they’ve been each season to Clay Lakes since we started back in the summer of 2017 and it was good to see them back on the bank , good laughs and great banter all week its always a pleasure guys. Lee had a great week, 20 fish (586lb combined) from the right side of swim 3 on Lake 2 that included 2 x 40s & 9 x 30s , Chris on the left had 6 fish including a few 30s. Was great to see the lads and looking forward to seeing you both again bankside soon.

Week 18 – Well done to Toby, John and the guys 8 anglers fishing both lakes. 41 fish in total between them for the week including a 54lb Mirror from Lake 2, 8 x 40s & 12 x 30s. Late on into the summer, water levels still dropping and temperatures soaring however the fishing is still keen with plenty of activity during the day and in the evenings. Picture below has to be one of the best carpy pics of the season from swim 3 on Lake 1 :

Week 19 – Well done and good to see to Leon, Daryl, Charlie & Jamie again, 27 fish in total between the lads including 3 x 40s & 5 x 30s. Leon even managed to bank our resident Koi that shows up from time to time as well as some stunning mirrors and commons. Some good feedback from the lads and we’ll be seeing them again in 2020. Cheers lads , all the best.

Week 20 – Well done to Michael, Lee, Jamie, Chris & Dale fishing Lake 2 , bit of a slow start for the lads but picked up as the week went on some new PBs and a few stunners on the bank the lads had 11 fish between them and a 39lb Common from swim 3 for Jamie biggest of the week.

Week 21 – Great company and a top laugh all week big thanks to Spencer, Lee & Kris. The guys fished from swims 1, 2 & 3 and had a good weeks fishing. 24 fish between them including 3 x 40s & 9 x 30s. Kris with a lovely 44lb Common from swim 3 was delighted plus Spencer & Lee banked some real stunners from swims 1 & 2. The guys gave us some great feedback and have booked both lakes again for 2020, roll on next season! Well done to Paul, Kevin and the lads on Lake 2 , they fished swims 3 & 4 and banked 26 fish for the week including 2 x 40s & 11 x 30s, slow start on Lake 2, combination of lower water levels and hot temperatures but the boys were into more action as the week progressed. Cheers boys all the best.

Week 22 – Big thanks to Kevin, Daniel, Chris, Carl & Ben, great bunch of lads fishing both lakes for the week. 38 fish between them, 46lb Common & 41lb Mirror biggest of the week. Daniel & Kevin were off to a flyer on Lake 1 banking some stunners within the first hour of the lines being in the water. Chris, Carl & Ben fishing on Lake 2 from swims 3 & 4. The lads had a great time at Clay Lakes even posting their own video on our Facebook Page and have booked both lakes again for 2020, looking forward to see you all again boys.

Week 23 – Well done to Gary and the lads fishing both lakes, 4 anglers on Lake 1 from swims 1, 2 & 3 and 3 anglers on Lake 2 all having a social on swim 3. The lads did well considering the huge temperature swing in the last few days the summer has now ended.  The last 5 months have seen little to no rainfall plus temperatures reaching as high as 46 degrees in early June and averaging 30+ for most of the summer, it rains more and more each day and we can see the water levels returning. 23 fish between the guys for the week including 3 x 40s from swim 2 on Lake 1, top angling boys. 

Week 24 – Great week for Arri his Dad plus his friend the guys made the short journey from the Netherlands, 26 fish for the week including 4 x 40s & 12 x 30s from Lake 1 fishing from swims 1, 2, & 3. Matt & the lads on Lake 2 had 9 fish in total fishing from swims 3 & 4. Well done to Matt for a new PB of 43lb 8oz a stunning Mirror from swim 3. 

Week 25 – Well done to Kyle & the guys on Lake 1 a slow weeks fishing but they battled through it and stayed positive till the end, cold evenings to minus degrees and lots of rain during the daytimes the guys banked 3 fish , 1 each between them biggest a 34lb Mirror fishing swims 1, 3 & 4. Richard and the guys on Lake 2 managed to bank 1 fish between them all the lads having a social from swim 3 making the most of the cold and wet weather. 

Week 26 – The rain is continuous now and the daytime temperatures range from minus to 10 degrees at the warmest, however that didn’t dampen the spirits of Shaun, Paul and the guys from landing a few Clay Lake stunners, they arrrived in terrential rain conditions and based on the week before fishing results they knew they were up against it. Two anglers decided to go on each lake and they banked 8 fish between the four of them including 2 x 40s, 4 x 30s, the guys done well. Cheers boys all the best. 





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