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Angling Rules

  • Please don’t arrive before 12pm on Saturday. You must leave the lake no later than 10am the following Saturday.
  • No unattended rods.
  • Three rods maximum per angler.
  • Boilies, Carp Pellets & Babycorn only nothing else.
  • No Plastic or Artifical baits.
  • Safe only rigs, if in doubt just ask us.
  • Unleaded/Safety leaders & Tubing only.
  • No braided Mainline, 15lb minimum mono.
  • Micro barb only.
  • Bait Boats are allowed.
  • Give fish 5 minutes recovery in the net or longer if they need it.
  • Carp care treatment to be applied if needed. You must supply your own also available on site from our Bailiff.
  • Fish to be returned to the water as soon as possible.
  • All vehicles to be parked in the car park after loading/unloading.
  • No swimming, wading or inflatable boats.
  • Fire Pits and BBQ’s are available on site. No floor fires.
  • Please respect the wildlife and venue, refrain from leaving litter such as bottle tops and cigarette ends.
  • Leave all litter correctly seperated in the Recycle Bins provided any other general waste needs to be taken off site with you. (Waste bins are available on the toll roads)
  • Unused baits are to be taken home with you unless its donated to the bailiff, please do not put your remaining feed in the lake.
  • We will not be held responsible for any personal injuries, illness or losses.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your stay with us if we deem your behaviour unacceptable towards our fish, clients or environment.
  • Max or Alan are available to contact directly by phone.
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